This page lists various media, websites and other resources that I’ve found interesting and useful.


I am using Feedly to aggregate the RSS feeds from a number of technology blogs. I recommend those listed below.

  • Sam Martin encouraged me to write this blog. I hired Sam in 2012 upon his return to IT after a short break and he quickly became indispensable both within my team and organisation. Sam uses his blog to chronicle new technologies and skills he has developed in areas such as AWS, Azure, Chef etc.

  • Richard Siddaway blogs and speaks about Powershell and other related topics. Richard is a veteran IT architect, server administrator, support engineer, and PowerShell MVP. He’s the author of PowerShell in Practice, published in 2010 by Manning.


I have found Podcasts to be a great way to stay informed of emerging technologies and practices and a useful way to get some value from my commute. This page lists some of the Podcasts that I recommend to anyone working in Windows-server based Ops.

  • RunAs Radio is a weekly podcast aimed at Microsoft IT Professionals. It focuses solely on Microsoft technologies and features a different guest each week to discuss various topics including: Windows, Powershell, SQL and more.

  • The Stack Exchange Podcast is hosted by the founders of Stack Exchange. Typically they discuss new features and news relevant to the Stack Exchange community, but the detail in which they discuss their projects and the rationale of their decisions makes for compelling, relatable listening.

  • Ops All The Things is a podcast from Steven Murawski and Christopher Webber. While not frequently updated, its fairly unique in that it considers IT from the perspective of Operations.

  • Manager Tools is a great resource for anyone responsible for managing others. Not necessarily worth listening to on a weekly basis, instead review their back catalogue and pick topics relevant to you. They keep to a strict 30 minute format so the information is generally delivered succinctly.


Other sites or links you may find useful.