👋 Hi! I am a Windows DevOps Engineer from the UK. I live in Basingstoke with my wife and three small humans.

I’ve worked full-time in IT since graduating with a Degree in Computing in 2003, with the exception of a year out to give Teacher Training a whirl. Much of my initial IT career experience was working in front-line operations roles, supporting infrastructure and SaaS applications hosted in private data centres and the cloud. Since 2017 I’ve worked as a DevOps Engineer and for the last few years as a contractor. My experience is predominantly with Microsoft technologies but I can generally turn a quick hand to any tool and I have experience with AWS and Azure as well as a variety of DevOps toolsets.

You can follow me on Twitter @markwragg.

I am particularly passionate about PowerShell and have spoken twice at PSDay.UK, the UK’s annual PowerShell Conference. If you’d like to view my talks they can be found here:

Public Speaking


I also made voluntary contributions to the following books, which raised funds for the DevOps Collective OnRamp scholarship:

Open Source

I maintain a number of Open Source code repositories for tools that I’ve developed that I felt could be useful to the wider community. You can find those in my profile on GitHub. Some that are particularly popular include:

  • PowerShell-Influx – a PowerShell module for sending metrics into the time-series platform Influx.
  • Test-ActiveDirectory – a set of Pester tests for validating the health of a deployment of Active Directory.
  • PowerShell-SlackBot – a PowerShell module for hosting a chat bot for Slack using PowerShell and TCP Sockets. The chat bot can then be configured to listen to and respond to specific messages and run PowerShell commands that are initiated from within a chat window.

If you have any other burning questions about me, feel free to get in touch! :)