Powershell 101

Built-in commands to discover cmdlets and how they work:

  • Get-Help

Why doesn’t this work? get-service | get-help Why does this work? gcm get-service | get-help

  • update-help
  • Get-Command
  • Get-Member


  • Parameters
  • Default params
  • accept pipeline input
  • Tab complete cmdlet names and parameter names Get-EventL [tab] -Lo [tab] App [tab]
  • -whatif and -confirm

Measure-object (measure) Sort-Object (sort)

Use any cmd commands. Note also that some cmd command names are aliased to powershell equivalents: cd, dir (as well as unix equivalents: ls, cat). As a result in these instances you can’t use the legacy switches (e.g dir /s you’d need to use dir -recurse or get-childiten -recurse).

verb-noun structure. - This makes commands more discoverable. E.g after you know get-process, you can look up other get-* as well as other *-process with get-help.

Grouped in to modules.


  • Properties

Using the pipeline

  • Chaining commands