Getting a single random item is easy

Get-Service | Get-Random

But what if you want to return more than one? You could do a loop:

1..3 | ForEach-Object { Get-Service | Get-Random }

But you might get the same one come back twice. What if you want them to be unique?

You can do this:

Get-Service | Sort-Object {Get-Random} | Select -First 3


1..10 ForEach-Object { Get-Random -Min 1 -Max 10 }
$Heroes Sort-Object {Get-Random}

Get-Random -Min 1 -Max 100

$Heroes = @(‘Tony’,’Bruce’,’Clark’,’Peter’,’Diana’)

Get-Random $Heroes -Count $Heroes.count

$Heroes Sort-Object {Get-Random}
1..10 Get-Random -Count ([int]::MaxValue)